Center of Innovation for Sustainable Construction), brings together a multidisciplinary team of researchers dedicated to research and to the training of human resources on innovation in sustainable construction.

Laboratório Poli – CICS – Center of Innovation for Sustainable Construction

Avenues: The World School is an international school to be implemented in the main cities of the world.

Avenues: The World School

Its disposition is simple, organizing spaces in such a way so as to create settings that are sometimes more intimate and other times more integrated with the street, with those spaces connected by a diagonal axis across the site taken up by a footbridge.

ITA – Student Accommodation

An elementary and high school for pupils aged between 2 and 17, the construction houses adjoining collective spaces featuring partial isolation between the three different school levels: Infant, Junior and Senior.

St. Nicholas School

The result of a long process that began in 1999 with a project contest for the transformation of the Carandiru complex (the largest penitentiary complex in Latin America).

Parque da Juventude (Youth Park)

The project makes use of a combination of superimposed volumes, where the major horizontal volume is reserved for communal living areas.


The building’s volume is linear and clean, with its horizontal lines reinforced as a result of the narrow terrain adjacent to the hospital’s previous installations.


The São Paulo Library, located within the Parque da Juventude (Youth Park), itself designed by aflalo/gasperini, has as its mission to be a model for all public libraries in the State of São Paulo.

São Paulo Library

The architectural design approach relies on the well-grounded concept of the structural system where four peripheral pillars support a square roof covering of fair-faced concrete.

The Claudio Santoro Auditorium

The project consists of the recycling of old industrial buildings for a new use, today a university.

SENAC – Santo Amaro

The basic concept of the solution adopted was to stress strongly the symbolic function of the Court. To that end, the building was isolated from the terrain, raising it ten meters above ground level.

Tribunal de Contas do Município de São Paulo (Municipal Court of Audit)