his composition of interlinked differing volumes, plus the overall look demarcated by frameworks that envelop them separately, confers a contemporary identity to the entire complex.


The project comprises a commercial building superimposed over a residential building; the first is positioned parallel to the street and the other perpendicular to the same, taking into account adequate incidence of sunlight for each use.

Soberane – Manaus

The project was conceived in two ‘wings’, oriented to maximize the view towards the mountains and over the channel of the Santos port.

Valongo Brasil

The installation of the buildings is done on fill, over a large empty space, the park, which runs along the diagonal of the lot, representing the pivot of connectivity of the entire project.

Parque da Cidade (City Park)

The Trump Towers complex is situated in the region of the Porto Maravilha revitalization project in Rio de Janeiro’s port area, considered to be the city’s new business center.

Trump Towers Rio

The project design approach is defined by the disposition of two towers that visually appear to be one single tower.

Porto Maravilha Corporate

The FL 4300 is a mixed-use complex of a unique urban character in São Paulo, made up of three towers embedded in a “U” shape on a site with access to three adjacent roads.

FL 4300

The facades’ composition explored the idea of large panels of different heights and thicknesses, intensifying the aspect of the horizontal elements.

SAO International Square

The complex is composed of three volumes that overlap each other, one horizontal, housing a shopping mall, and a tower comprising two volumes.

Matarazzo Tower and Cidade São Paulo Shopping Mall

On the lots located on the slopes of the sierra, residential areas with singlefamily plots were planned, on the adjacent flat sector the project foresaw a mixed use urbanization of higher density.

Fazenda Rodeio