About us

The firm aflalo/gasperini architects, founded in1962 as Croce, Aflalo & Gasperini has, over those 50 years and more, succeeded in always conciliating tradition and innovation in their pursuit of architectural solutions.

We are acknowledged for designing buildings that have become landmarks in the cities where they were built, like the IBM head office building, the Rochaverá Corporate Towers and the eTower in São Paulo; the Claudio Santoro Theater in Campos do Jordão and we continue to participate in innovative enterprises such as the revitalization of Rio de Janeiro’s port area, the Porto Maravilha scheme, with projects like Trump Towers Rio, among others.

The office operates nationwide, mainly in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but also takes part in overseas projects.

Our role is in architecture and urbanism, covering such sectors as commercial, services, residential, hotel, public and social, recreational and industrial.

The office is run today by four managing partners, one associate director and a team of five associate professionals.

Our scope of work comprises research and analysis of the area, drawing up the architectural design approach, presentation drawings, pre-dimensioning and physical planning, development of the entire work project, as well as complementary projects coordination, construction inspection and supervision.


The office operates nationwide, mainly in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but also takes part in overseas projects.




It was in 1962 that Plinio Croce and Roberto Aflalo teamed up with the architect Gian Carlo Gasperini to take part in the largest international competition of the time, organized by the International Union of Architects. The challenge: an audacious project for the construction of the biggest office tower in South America, to be erected in Buenos Aires.

Winners of this competition, the young architects, a little over 30 years old, were committed to creating a modern professional office focused on the technological aspects of architecture that would always incorporate a clear and honest idiom aiming at optimal solutions for its clients. More than 50 years later, this commitment has proven ever more victorious with every passing day.

Since the ’80s, a second generation, spawned within the office itself and that came to include Luis Felipe Aflalo Herman and Roberto Aflalo Filho, gradually took over the running of the office along with Gasperini, the only founding member still alive today. At the same time, Gasperini acted for decades as Full Professor in Composition of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo.

This period coincided with the country’s strong economic growth as well as that of the city of São Paulo itself thus making feasible a scale of architectonic projects hitherto nonexistent in Brazil.

The commitment to keeping abreast of current architectonic and technological questions has guaranteed that the office is inserted in this growth scenario without ever relinquishing the principles that guided its origin.



img_equipe_01_Roberto Aflalo Filho
Roberto Aflalo Filho

Managing Partners

Degree: Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo – 1976

Master’s degree: Harvard University – 1980

Start a/g: 1976

img_equipe_02_Luiz Felipe Aflalo Herman
Luiz Felipe Aflalo Herman

Managing Partners

Degree: Brás Cubas University Architecture and Urbanism – 1978

Start a/g: 1974

img_equipe_03_Grazzieli Gomes Rocha
Grazzieli Gomes Rocha

Managing Partners

Degree: Mackenzie Presbyterian University Architecture and Urbanism – 2002

Master’s degree: MBA in Real Estate FUPAM-USP – 2004

Start a/g: 2001

img_equipe_04_Jose Luiz Lemos
José Luiz Lemos da Silva Neto

Managing Partners

Degree: Mackenzie Presbyterian University Architecture and Urbanism – 2001

Master’s degree: Architectural Association – 2007

Start a/g: 2009

img_equipe_05_Flavia Marcondes
Flávia de Barros Marcondes

Associate Director

Degree: Mackenzie Presbyterian University Architecture and Urbanism – 1985

Start a/g: 2007

img_equipe_06_Carlos Alberto Garcia
Carlos Alberto Garcia


Degree: Mackenzie Presbyterian University Architecture and Urbanism – 1983

Start a/g: 1985

img_equipe_07_Fabiano Sinibaldi
Fabiano Sinibaldi


Degree: Mackenzie Presbyterian University Architecture and Urbanism – 2000

Start a/g: 2000

Coworkers and Administrative

Ana Beatriz Urushima
Alan Holanda
André Furcolin
Andrey Marques
Bruna Florencio
Bruno Leria
Bruno Yoshino
Carlos Souza
Célia Maria Quinsani
Daniel Donatti
Daniela Mungai
Davi Lacerda
Erika Silva
Felipe Sato

Gabriel Braga
Gustavo Oliveira
Juliana Fonseca
Juliano Beato
Juliano Bittencourt
Julio Battistin
Karen Vareschi
Livia Fantin
Lucas Souza
Luciana Foltran
Luis Gustavo Dias
Marcella Carone
Maria Spinola
Mariana Moro

Mariana Dec
Neiton Araújo
Paula Homsi
Priscila Said
Reginaldo Okusako
Ronaldo Nunes
Rosimeire Gomes
Sabino Quinsani
Victor Ortiz
Viviane Silva